14 million plastic bottles have been recycled to create our revolutionary product (and the number is rising daily)!

Environmentally sustainable design, products and materials seems to be on everybody’s minds these days. Let’s just say it’s not a passing “fad” and we are very glad of it. While many people express concern for the environment, they often dismiss environmentally sound options as being either too expensive, or inferior in some way. The market is quickly moving though and there are many wonderful products out there that are sensitive to the earth and do not compromise on quality, look or feel.

So what about carpet? It is easy to overlook carpet, particularly the natural fibre varieties, as having any impact on the environment. Consider the resources required to construct carpet, the pollution emitted into the air and waterways while treating both wool and synthetic fibres and even the carpet backing.Soft.e is a carpet constructed 100% from recycled plastic soft drink bottles, both for the backing and pile. To put rather simply, this means less landfill from using up all those pesky bottles and limited “new” resources required. Sounds pretty good right?

Soft.e, which is available through Flooring Xtra, is created in a way which results in a carpet that looks and feels the way carpet should. No compromises. It’s made by firstly collecting bottles, washing then cutting into small flakes. These small flakes are re-polymerised and converted into PET chips. They are then treated and colour dyed into a gorgeous palette where you are spoilt for choice. Soft.e has a generous palette which features many colours and styles suitable for any new build or renovation alike.

The 3-ply drawn textured yarn the bottles create are colour-fast and durable. Durability being another important environmental consideration to take into account. If a carpet is such poor quality that it only lasts a few years, the cost (both financially and for the earth) is substantial. After much testing, Flooring Xtra has placed a 15-year warranty on Soft.e which covers wear, fading and staining. This in itself is a sure sign of a quality product. Obviously there are many ways which you can look after your carpet to ensure it lasts as long as it should. These include frequent cleaning and responding to spills promptly and correctly.

The range features four different styles, each of which vary in look and feel. Sebastien (using 51 bottles per square meter) through to Paddington (126 bottles per square meter) are available in warm through to cool neutrals, options which will sit back with a wide range of decors. Browns, greys, charcoals, natural tones and creams are all here. There are many things to consider when choosing a carpet colour, such as suitability (children can be rather messy!), interior design (working to compliment an existing scheme or within a new design) and how you want the space to feel (lighter, warmer, more luxurious etc). Regardless of what you are looking for, there will be something in the Soft.e range.

You may be thinking, well what does this all cost? Placing the Soft.e next to something similar in look, feel and warranty you will find it’s comparable. But the bigger point to make is the environmental “cost” you will be saving. Less resources and less landfill for a similar product and price. Seems like an easy choice!

If you are interested in checking out any of the mentioned products or are looking for carpet, vinyl plank, timber or laminate in Brisbane please feel free to drop into our showroom located at 8 Leopold Street, Newstead.

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